Level 1 Grading 19th May 2024

Level 1 Grading 19th May 2024

A well done for those involved and a run down of what we covered.

May 24, 2024
5-minute read

Level 1 Grading 19th May 2024.

Well Done Everyone Who Passed.

A massive well done and thank you to all those who put the effort in this weekend and passed their level one grading.

Everyone showed grit and determination and a good comprehension of all the techniques and foundational knowledge of Krav Maga.

Its all onwards and upwards from here and now you have that good base we can finally move onto the fun stuff.

What Does a Level 1 Grading Involve?

For those wondering what a level one grading looks like and involves here's a quick run down.

Basic Striking and stress tests.

To begin with we test candidates on their form and skill in all the basic strikes taught on level one involving mainly straight punches, hooks, elbows and kicks.

In order to test this candidates must complete 10 rounds of the focus mitt kata without making a mistake or else they start from 0.

After this we move on to the stress circle, a circle of big pads is formed around the candidate and for two minutes they must fight off each pad.

They will be attacked by a pad and must constantly strike this pad until touched by the next one, when touched they must show controlled aggression instantly switching to the next target and leaving the previous.

This is a great test of fitness and ability to remain calm under pressure.

Technique Demonstration

Now they will be tested on the various techniques they have learned over the last few months.

In order to test this we setup another good old fashioned stress circle.

Candidates will be surrounded by potential attackers and one by one they will come forward and attack them, one of our instructors will call out a move and the candidate must demonstrate this move correctly and maintain situational awareness and controlled aggression.

Finally Fitness and Mental Resilience

Firstly as a team candidates will move outside and push a car or van round the area, this is to test fitness and ability to work together as a team and fight with your friends till the end.

Once sufficiently "warmed up" they will move onto another test indoors on the pads, for 3 minutes they must move between attacking two pads one at each end of the hall.

In-between these pads are aggressors that will get in their way and they must move through them and not give up, you will have to demonstrate fitness, determination and techniques while fatigued.

Certificate Presentation

If the training team are satisfied with their performance they will be given their level one certificate in front of the class and will proceed onto the next level.

If however someone was lacking in some of the areas further training may be required and candidates will reshow only these parts at a later date.

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